Hackers using browsers to spy and steal Bitcoin

Hackers using browsers to spy and steal Bitcoin

Hackers have been spreading and utilising an altered version of the official Tor Browser that is stuffed with malware to both monitor clients and take their bitcoin.

Found by scientists at IT security firm ESET, the trojanized Tor has obviously brought about a moderately limited quantity of bitcoin being lost to date, with assets taken by address swapping when clients attempt to finalise payments on dark net markets.

In a declaration messaged to CoinDesk on Friday, ESET’s senior malware analyst, Anton Cherepanov, said the study had recognized three bitcoin wallets utilized by the hackers since 2017.

“Each wallet contains large quantities of little transactions; this confirms that these wallets were utilized by the trojanized Tor Browser,” Cherepanov clarified.

At the conclusion of the study, the 3 wallets had diverted 4.8 bitcoin (worth $38,700 at press time), however ESET said the real sum taken would be higher as wallets for the Russian transaction service QIWI were also compromised.

The hacking effort has been focusing on Russian clients of Tor – a system intended to keep users obscured from government agencies.

The cybercriminals responsible for the altered Tor browser had utilized discussion boards and pastebin.com to circulate their offering as the official Russian version of the application.

“Their objective was to lure specific users to official looking websites,” said ESET.

On first site, the client gets a pop up indicating that their version of the Tor Browser is outdated (regardless of version). Visitors who are tricked by the message are then diverted to a second site with an installer for the phony application.

Once downloaded and installed, the malware-loaded browser empowers its creators to record what sites a client visits, to change the information on visited pages and snatch the information submitted on data forms. While the hackers could conceivably show false data to clients, the browser has just been seen to change the wallet addresses allowing the theft of bitcoin, Cherepanov said.

photo sources: ©shutterstock.com by Primakov

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