Germany: Burger King set to accept payments of Bitcoin shortly

Germany: Burger King set to accept payments of Bitcoin shortly

Another big franchise is set to jump on the bitcoin bandwagon as one of the biggest shops in Germany Burger King is set to start accepting payment through the bitcoin currency. What this means is that anyone who is living or shopping in the country would now have the option of purchasing items from Burger King using the bitcoin. The use of the fiat currency is no longer considered to be compulsory. To all the fans of cryptocurrencies, this is a welcome development.

Although details of the transaction are yet unclear, this surely spells a massive improvement in the use of the cryptocurrencies around the world. The news started when the logo of the bitcoin currency was seen among the list of the payments that were deemed to be acceptable by Burger King through their popular mobile app in Germany. However, if you are in any other country, you probably might not see the bitcoin sign as this payment option appears to be exclusive to the European country.

The first sign of this news was said to have been pronounced through Twitter as very popular influencer Crypto Sara is said to have exclaimed the option of bitcoin is now available on the Burger King network. She also went on to explain that the Burger King would be open to more than 10 million persons and all these would now have the ability to use the bitcoin payment. She expressed her excitement that the bitcoin is slowly gathering influence with the exclamation “BTC accepted everywhere”.

It is worth remembering that Burger King has been around for quite some time. It is said to have started as far back as 1953 and has been available ever since. It is said that these restaurants have over 18000 installments over the world. This is surely one reason why many people are getting excited over their acceptance of the bitcoin.

It is also worth noting that it is not the first time that this franchise has even tried to implement the bitcoin system. In Russia, they had attempted to even start their cryptocurrency as early back as 2017. Their aim of doing this was to encourage their customers to get more sandwiches and the like through incentives that were handed out through the cryptocurrencies that were meant to be created by Burger King. The cryptocurrency which was meant to be implemented was to be called WhopperCoin and anytime a purchase is made using this coin, they would get some extra items in return.
While the excitement continues to flow, one clear thing is that the news might be too early to call. It is best to wait for an official confirmation from Burger King which is yet to come. With nobody using that option of bitcoin payment, it might take a while before we can confirm for sure that the bitcoin payment option is actually on course to happen. Until that happens, all we have is speculation and more excitement.

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