France: Bitcoin to be Accepted in More than 25,000 New Locations in France

France: Bitcoin to be Accepted in More than 25,000 New Locations in France

Many people in France have continued to adopt cryptocurrency. Plans have been made by many companies (partners) to work together to get up to 25,000 stores prepared to start accepting Bitcoin.

Very soon, Bitcoin will begin to be accepted in France by a lot of big retailers. All thanks will be given to the companies of payment processing as they announced that they fully support Cryptocurrency. Plans have been made for this great expansion to occur after Q1 2020 has ended.

BTC is accepted in France in more than 25,000 areas

Both EasyWallet and East2PlayPayment have made it clear that they want to become partners with Global POS. Their purpose of going into partnership with them is to make sure that more than 25,000 locations adopt the use of Bitcoin. Therefore, in France, there will be at least 30 franchises including bigger ones like Sephora, Foot Locker, Intersport, Decathlon, and Conforama, where Bitcoin is available.

Let Figaro, which is a French outlet, has stated that the above-mentioned chains will still have normal financial operations. When a Bitcoin is converted into euro, bookkeeping becomes very easy for companies. If the plans turn out to be successful, then it means that a lot of stored will begin to accept Cryptocurrency for payments.

This week, an announcement as made in Paris retail by Global POS where they made claims that it is a very solid decision to “go freely into the economy of the world 3.0”. This company has made plans for the future to adopt more cryptocurrencies other than BTC. However, the company wants to beat the obstacles which retail companies face by helping them to convert the Bitcoin. In essence, there will be no need for the retail companies to manage the BTC on their own because Global POS will help them to covert everything to euros.

The same thing is beginning to trend in the United States

The same idea is almost like the plan which was made last year in the U.S. This year during May, it was announced by the Gemini of Cryptocurrency exchange and Flexa that many cryptocurrencies including BTC will begin to be accepted in a lot of big retail stores with the use of a QR code, like when using Apple pay. As it appears that Gemini handles Cryptocurrency conversion, BTC and other cryptocurrencies will be instantly converted to dollars.

Now, this trend seems to be for the companies of payment processing to convert BTC and other cryptocurrencies themselves rather than allowing the retail companies to find solutions on their own. For now, this method works, but we are still on the watch to see the level at which Global POS had adopted Bitcoin. If this plan is successful, Bitcoin will be included in many POS systems as part of the payments being accepted. This means that a multitude of retailers will also begin to accept BTC.

Do you think that this adoption can be possible? Tell us what you think t the comments below.

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