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Venezuela: Remittances by Bitcoin – Venezuelan migrants discover there is a catch!

In 2018, Deimer González packed his college diploma, clothes and a mobile wallet with 1.5 BTC in savings and left Venezuela. What unfolded throughout 2019 offers a microcosm for Venezuelan bitcoin users around the world. As a mechanical engineer from Caracas, formerly employed by Venezuela’s state-owned oil and natural gas company (PDVSA), González told CoinDesk […]

USA: US Billionaire lends his support to Renewable Bitcoin Mining $200 Million Valuation!

One organization is driving its marketable strategy straight into the “bitcoin squanders an excess of energy” contention and has raised $30 million to do as such. That is as per Layer1 prime supporter and CEO Alexander Liegl, which intends to bring wind-controlled bitcoin mining apparatuses to West Texas ahead of schedule one year from now. […]

USA: Large investors have increased interest in Bitcoin Futures says CME

CME Group, the Chicago-based trade administrator, said its bitcoin fates agreements developed in notoriety last quarter, with the quantity of open agreements up 61 percent from a year sooner in light of developing interest from institutional financial specialists. Open intrigue, or the quantity of extraordinary positions, rose to 4,629 agreements, up from 2,873 in the […]

Portugal: Bitcoin scores another point as Portugal declare all bitcoin transactions and mining tax-free

It just keeps better and better for bitcoin around the world. The latest positive news comes from Europe, Portugal to be precise. It is believed that all transactions or payments conducted through cryptocurrencies or bitcoin would now be tax-free. This also includes the act of mining for these coins. This news comes from the reputable […]

Austria: A1 Shops Set To Accept Digital Currencies As A Legal Means Of Payment Starting From The 19th Of August

With the worldwide push towards the social acceptance of digital currencies underway, it is not surprising that a few selected A1 shops are set to accept digital currencies like bitcoin in exchange for goods and services. This innovation was inspired by Austrian number one cryptocurrency expert, Salamantex and it will, no doubt, open doors of […]

New Zealand: Cryptocurrencies take another step as payment of salaries through cryptocurrency is legalized

Over the past year, the use of cryptocurrencies around the world has been taking great leaps and more is yet to come. The latest move, though can be considered to be a vital step to the future of cryptocurrencies as New Zealand makes history by becoming the first country to pay their workers’ salaries through […]

United States: Provident sets new strides as it accepts deposits of bitcoin and sells them with ATM

It is not news that most parts of the global world are scared of what the cryptocurrencies can do to the financial markets as they know it. For these reasons, most financial institutions have steered clear of these coins. However, Provident bank is hoping to be one of the first banks which would change their […]

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