Brazil: Bitcoin now accepted in Fortaleza for Public transport

Brazil: Bitcoin now accepted in Fortaleza for Public transport

The continuous integration of the bitcoin into the society has reached another milestone in Brazil as bitcoin is now allowed in the town of Fortaleza for the use of public transport. This means that members of the public would not be able to may payments for public transports using their bitcoins. This is according to the announcement made in the newspaper Do Povo by the Autonomous Passengers Transporters.

The impact of this development can be seen in the fact that the city is the 5th largest city in the country. With the large size comes a huge number of people. It is home to close to 3 million citizens alone. This does not include other persons who could also be present in the cities. The transport system which is also known as Cootraps is mostly known to have buses which are over the city. It is believed that bitcoin payment would now be aligned with the tickets and the applications which would be made.

Support for payments in Bitcoin will be integrated into the city’s ticketing application.

It is believed that payment though the bitcoin would be done through a QR code which would be scanned to verify payments. The other modes of payments which would also be allowed on the buses would include debit and credit cards amongst others. The transport company has also asserted that they hope to add other currencies shortly. However, they did not state the particular currencies which would come into play then.

For many around the world and indeed Brazil, this is a step in the right progress for the integration of cryptocurrencies in the country. However, this is just the start. Advanced progress would be deemed to have taken place when the much bigger cities in Brazil such as the capital and Sao Paulo also embraced the use of cryptocurrencies in certain aspects of their daily routine. Other signs of progress might very include the railway systems and the modes of payments.

It is important to remember that this city is surely not the very first city on the continent to embrace the use of cryptocurrencies. Argentina is believed to have progressed to a very reasonable extent with more than 30 cities currently using cryptocurrencies with their transport systems. The use of cryptocurrencies on transport systems has also not stopped on the continent. In other places like Asia and Japan to be precise, their railway authorities are seriously contemplating the use of cryptocurrencies to provide an alternative to payments which can be made.

Fortaleza with 2.643 million (2018) Residents accept Bitcoin on public transport.

The use of cryptocurrencies in most countries is no doubt a welcome improvement which is set to continue. With Australia actively seeking to even include these cryptocurrencies into their local stores, the signs are telling that it would not be long before the cryptocurrencies are used on the same level as the fiat currencies. Perhaps with time, the use of fiat currencies may be history and the world would be united when it comes to currencies. For now, that is just wishful thinking.

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