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China: A Dramatic Shift In Attitude See Bitcoin Hailed As A Success By China

One of the leading state running newspapers, Xinhua has published a story in its front page hailing the Bitcoin cryptocurrency as the successful application of the leading blockchain technology. This praise coming from this newspaper has been described as the significant shift in the country’s stance on these digital currencies and it is coming at […]

Hackers using browsers to spy and steal Bitcoin

Hackers have been spreading and utilising an altered version of the official Tor Browser that is stuffed with malware to both monitor clients and take their bitcoin. Found by scientists at IT security firm ESET, the trojanized Tor has obviously brought about a moderately limited quantity of bitcoin being lost to date, with assets taken […]

Venezuela: Remittances by Bitcoin – Venezuelan migrants discover there is a catch!

In 2018, Deimer González packed his college diploma, clothes and a mobile wallet with 1.5 BTC in savings and left Venezuela. What unfolded throughout 2019 offers a microcosm for Venezuelan bitcoin users around the world. As a mechanical engineer from Caracas, formerly employed by Venezuela’s state-owned oil and natural gas company (PDVSA), González told CoinDesk […]

USA: US Billionaire lends his support to Renewable Bitcoin Mining $200 Million Valuation!

One organization is driving its marketable strategy straight into the “bitcoin squanders an excess of energy” contention and has raised $30 million to do as such. That is as per Layer1 prime supporter and CEO Alexander Liegl, which intends to bring wind-controlled bitcoin mining apparatuses to West Texas ahead of schedule one year from now. […]