Austria: A1 Shops Set To Accept Digital Currencies As A Legal Means Of Payment Starting From The 19th Of August

Austria: A1 Shops Set To Accept Digital Currencies As A Legal Means Of Payment Starting From The 19th Of August

With the worldwide push towards the social acceptance of digital currencies underway, it is not surprising that a few selected A1 shops are set to accept digital currencies like bitcoin in exchange for goods and services. This innovation was inspired by Austrian number one cryptocurrency expert, Salamantex and it will, no doubt, open doors of opportunities for consumers and business persons.

Surely the social acceptance of bitcoins and other prominent digital currencies as a means of payment in A1 stores is great news. But many people are still keeping their fingers crossed to see if using digital currencies for payment A1 shops instead of the local currencies will expose them to certain risks.

Digital currencies – a safe and effective way to make payments

If you think you’ll be exposing yourself to certain risks when you make payments with digital currencies instead of the traditional credit and debit card methods of payment. Then, you should know that you are completely protected. Salamantex in conjunction with A1 services has gone all-out to make the cryptocurrency payment process straightforward and safe for everyone. In this way, you can use the cryptocurrencies to make purchases every day, the same way you use credit and debit cards.

In conversation: employees of Salamantex and A1 employees

In operation of the payment devices

Stable exchange rates

Since 2017, when Salamantex began the campaign for the social acceptance of digital currencies as a means of payment for goods and services in brick and mortar stores, there’s been a debate over the lop-sided values of cryptocurrencies. Many people don’t want to bear the risk of having digital currencies fluctuate when converting to and from Euro. However, with the all-in-one payments solutions that Salamantex offers and the collaboration with A1 services, consumers can use universal exchange rates for conversion from bitcoins and other digital currencies to euro. That way, there won’t be any dramatic rise or fall of the crypto value when making a purchase in the A1 stores. When making a purchase in any of the selected A1 shops, a system will convert your digital currency to the Euro equivalent at a definite conversion rate.

What this means for business owners and consumers

With digital currencies now becoming a socially acceptable mode of payment in A1 shops, consumers just as business owners can avoid unnecessary bank charges and processes. Starting from the 19th of August 2019, consumers will be able to make large purchases without worrying about bank limits or the safety of their accounts. Aside from the fact that you won’t have to rely on your bank for the purchase of goods and services, you’ll also have the freedom to convert your crypto to euro at the point of sale.

Since business owners don’t have to worry about the maintenance and provision of the payment terminals, they can enjoy stress-free payment processes in their stores as well.

List of A1 stores accepting cryptocurrencies

  • Innsbruck Kaufhaus Tyrol (Tyrol),
  • Graz Herrengasse (Styria),
  • Krems Bühl Center (Lower Austria),
  • Linz Landstraße (Upper Austria)
  • Salzburg Europark (Salzburg),
  • Kärntnerstraße (Vienna),
  • Wien Mitte The Mall (Vienna).


photo sources: © salamantex gmbh

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