Australia: Crypto payments now available in IGA supermarkets

Australia: Crypto payments now available in IGA supermarkets

Get ready to see a wave of crypto payments around your local grocery stores in Australia as cryptocurrencies look set to hit the local market thanks to a deal by TravelbyBit. The deal which has been concluded between IGA and TravelbyBit would see that the use of bitcoin and other alternative coins such as the Litecoin, Ether and Binance coin could be seen in the streets of Australia in the coming weeks.

What this means, in other words, is that the assertion that the use of cryptocurrencies alone dependent on fiat currency is looking more like reality at least in Australia. However, this new development won’t kick off immediately. However, there are provisions for those who wish to use their cryptocurrencies to buy consumer products.

IGA Supermarkets | Independent Grocers of Australia

IGA Supermarkets | Independent Grocers of Australia

If you wish to exchange your cryptocurrencies for these products, you would need to visit the IGA X-press which is located at Bowen Hills.

This store is remarkable and would serve as a cornerstone as it was the first store where cryptocurrencies were first used in IGA stores.

If you can’t make it to Bowen Hills, then you would have to wait for some weeks before you can get the new features in IGA stores around the world. It is worth remembering that the founder of TravelbyBit is Caleb Yeoh.

His company as implied by the name is primarily aimed at giving people around the world the chance to use and exchange their cryptocurrencies for finished products around the world when they are travelling across the globe. he asserted in a statement that this move would see people buy simple things with the use of the cryptocurrency.

It is worth remembering that Brisbane airport is now known to be the very first airport in the world which allows for the use of cryptocurrencies in exchange for its services. The rate of success enjoyed by TravelbyBit does not end there. It also made several routes from the airport to other areas or locations possible through cryptocurrency payments. These locations would include the new only town which is open to the use of cryptocurrencies, Agnes Water 1770. This is the only town in Australia which is known for their complete friendliness to payments through cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Accepted: Shopping at IGA supermarkets

Despite the advances which have been made by the company to integrate cryptocurrencies and its use in society, this comes second to their agency. Their agency allows for all travelers to use cryptocurrencies to confirm their travel plans around the world. One reason why this retains its priority is that the company makes its profits through their agency and not through the systems which are meant to function in the various IGA stores in Australia.

While it might be awkward at first to use bitcoin or the likes of Litecoin in the local stores in Australia, you would soon find that this is a wonderful innovation. So if you are someone who is a big fan of cryptocurrencies, this may be one step which could solve all your future needs in stores around Australia. It could be the start of something great.


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