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Over a decade ago, the Bitcoin cryptocurrency (BTC) was launched and since then it has gone on to become the most valuable crypto based on market capitalization. Bitcoin is simply a decentralized crypto platform that has been developed and launched primarily for peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions. Developed by pseudonym developer Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin network seeks to offer users the opportunity to carry out fast and cheap transfers in a secure network. The Bitcoin network has been built on the blockchain technology which is basically a distributed ledger capable of storing information in a safe and permanent manner. The launch of the Bitcoin network back in 2009 has led to the development of over a thousand crypto platforms some seeking to modify how the Bitcoin network runs while others seek to revolutionize certain industries.

The first couple of years after the launch of Bitcoin (BTC) was quite tough as the value of the crypto fluctuated below the $10 mark. While most people did not actually know about Bitcoin and its many benefits, the ones who had an idea of how it works were skeptical about investing their funds in it.

Things have changed now as more people are investing in this cryptocurrency. Surprisingly, governments of some nations have shown their support for this crypto as they have come up with policies that will enable their citizens to invest and trade in this crypto. One area of Bitcoin acceptance that could be said to have experienced a remarkable growth is in the area of accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment for products and services bought. According to reports, there are over 100 online merchants currently accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment for products and services bought.

While there are a number of merchants currently accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as a means of payment for products and services, identifying these merchants have proven to be a big deal. Not actually knowing if a particular online merchant or vendor accepts Bitcoin has made it difficult for Bitcoin investors and traders to spend their coins without converting it to fiat currencies.

If you’ve been searching for an ideal platform for informations and services with your Bitcoins, then Bitcoin Accepted.com is the ideal website for you.

Bitcoin Accepted.com has been designed for the sole purpose of offering you helpful and vital information about the various companies that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment for products bought. In addition to providing you with a list of all online merchants or vendors that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment, Bitcoin Accepted.com also offers you recent news about the Bitcoin network. Crypto investors and traders seeking to keep an eye on their investments and trade will find this website to be quite helpful in their quest.

To use this website, all you would have to do is to search for a product or service, on the search tab of the website. Once that is done, a list of merchants that accept Bitcoin (BTC) in exchange for the product or service you seek will appear.

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